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Capezio® 1142W Ava Pointe Shoe

Capezio® 1142W Ava Pointe Shoe

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Arabesque like a professional in the Ava Pointe Shoe. This premium Pointe shoe has a broad, feathered toe box and a combination, 2.5" leather board and red board shank that offers flexibility to the arch. Features a high and wide platform for much needed balance at the barre. Removable medical grade gel cushion is placed on the internal edge of the platform for added comfort. Ideal for a broad (Roman) foot. Pro Tip: When attaching Bunheads® ribbons and elastics to Pointe shoes that have rose colour lining, a medium needle with a small eye works best.

#2.5 (Medium Shank)

• Broad toe box

• Moderate vamp, low sides and narrowed heel

• Slight "U" shape arch

• Short leather outsole

• 2.5 Leather board/red board combination shank offers flexibility to the arch

• Full wing box for lateral support

• Elastic and ribbons sold separately

• Sizes : UK 2 Large to UK 10 Large, including ½ sizes.

• (3 Width fittings) , Narrow, Medium, Wide

• Colour : Petal Pink

• A Pointe shoe must fit properly in order to provide the support required to dance en Pointe. Poorly fitted shoes can result in accident and injury. We recommend professional fitting. We advise that the Dance Teacher approve the shoe before wearing.

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